Sometimes it works

Online privacy has been over discussed for more than a decade. I am neither supporting or opposing it, because I am the one who suffers from it and also benefits from it. Life is such a paradox.

Around 2005, I was still a nerd fanatic about gaming and involved in a couple of important local  gaming tournaments. Of course,some photos were taken during that period of time. Initially I stored those photos in my desktop PC hard disks, which I lost last year. No doubt that those pictures are of great importance to me. They are the evidence of the dream I chased as well as the precious memory I once had.

So I can’t let them vanish just like that. Years ago, the pictures were uploaded onto the MSN space. Then the MSN space service merged with WordPress and eventually was shut down by MS. I transferred my data to WP. But for somewhat reason, it didn’t succeeded. I couldn’t even log onto the account.I was down and depressed.

And today an idea came to my mind that those images might still be kept by some MS service. So I signed in my account and yes, they are still there in my skydrive gallery.

Days ago, I read something on the web as once data was uploaded online, it will be there forever. There have been so many people lost their fame for their secret information uncovered by others. However, sometimes it also works in another way we expected.