Back again

It has been a while since last post has been updated. To maintain a blog used to be considered as a geeky thing, while I think it is more a job needs a lot of patience rather than setting up code. And the long long silence on this blog is the proof.

However, with the emerging mobilized trend, to update a blog by writing in front of a laptop is likely to be out of fashion now. 2 years ago, I registered this blog and started with talking about internet censorship on my PC. At that time I was in a shabby apartment with great winter heating. 2 years later I came back to the city where my journey began. And a decision was made that I will continue writing, just because I miss that time and feeling.

The good thing is this site is still on and I didn’t forget the account name and password. For me, nothing can be more grateful than get my own words read by other on the web.  My blog might not have been read by many, it might not be known by a lot of people in a distant future. Anyway, I will keep on writing. So stay tuned and you will be surprised.


the inititive post

It’s right after the Traditional Chinese Lunar New Year. The cold weather doesn’t pour the warmth inside of my heart. Since today, I am going to update stuff about China constantly. Hope everyone comes here will like it.