50 Cent Party

五毛党(wu mao dang) 50 Cent Party
Sometimes, translation is an art. By the name of 50 Cent Party, you might think it’s an organization of U.S.A., but they are actually from China. As everyone knows that in China, people have limited access to the internet, some famous websites are blocked, such as YouTube, Facebook ,twitter etc.. But besides the censorship, there is a force working in secret, not known by the majority. They are called 50 Cent Party. 继续阅读


Most popular words of Chinese netizens [1]

杯具 (bei ju)Cups of Tragedy/bitter cups

The word 杯具(pronounced as beiju, means cups originally)is used by Chinese netizens quite often last year, especially when something bad happens.

The origin of the saying comes from a scene in a lectural programme of CCTV10, a professor said 悲剧 with an exaggerating facial expression. Soon, a picture with this facial expression and the subtitle 悲剧 on it has been widely spread among the netizens.